It won’t be easy to fill the shoes of Coral Springs Museum of Art’s long-time Executive Director Barbara O’Keefe… But fill them they must… After a distinguished 30+ year career as a museum professional, Barbara is ready to relax… spend lots of time gardening, getting caught up on all the reading she’s been postponing and at the top of her list… spending more time with her six-year-old grandchild, Ashley. Barbara admits that she will be doing some occasional consulting.

Barbara was Marketing Director for the Discovery Center for ten years and then spent sixteen years at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, with ten of those years as Executive Director.  She’s been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences throughout the country and has been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Moretti Award for Exceptional Artistic Achievement and Curator of the Year.  As President of Museum Marketing, she has helped museums around the country develop revenue streams and community awareness. 

Reflecting on her career, Barbara places the “… wonderful people I have met along the way… all the supporters of the arts… the extraordinary artists… the exceptional Board and staff,” as holding the most meaning and importance. She added that the artists have constantly empowered her to dream big.  Seeing adults who took classes as children return to visit or work with the museum is a special treat.

Since its opening on February 13, 1997, the Coral Springs Museum of Art (CSMART) has exhibited the work of over 200 artists in their galleries and approximately 18,000 artists in the lobby gallery. 

Currently there’s a new exhibition featuring four artists: Deborah Gregg, mixed media; Anne Dion, painting; Jack Newman, painting and Isabell Perez Salazar with mixed media.  Summer camp for children is a perennial favorite, with a new offering for 4 and 5 year olds.  The 12th Annual ‘Sundae on Saturday,’ takes place on August 12th and thanks to Kilwin’s of Coral Springs, the 300 to 400 expected visitors will be treated to ice cream art… and then a delicious ice cream sundae.  Coming soon… an Art Technology Program, geared for teens and adults, with instructors from Broward College. 

The Board of Directors and the City of Coral Springs are conducting a national search for their new Executive Director. Barbara retires on September 30th.

The Museum is at 2855 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs.  Call (954) 340-5000 or visit