Spring has sprung and summer is coming. As an internist and health coach focused on preventative medicine, here are some of my tips to get your body ready. Even if you are not committed to a weight loss program, these “Habits of Health” make sense for everyone. 

1. Make breakfast not just a priority but a necessity. 

2. Eat smaller meals more often. By eating smaller, nutrient dense, leaner meals every 2 -3 hours, the range of sugar levels will be more constant, preventing spikes of insulin surges. This habit also prevents you from arriving at your next meal starving!

3. Create motion in your life at every excuse you can create. Buy a pedometer to count your steps. Initially, it will give you an idea of how much you walk on an average day. Then, slowly expand that number of steps you take each day by walking the dog longer, parking a little further away from your destination, or even doing more household chores, smiling that you are burning calories.

These small habits will compound over days, weeks and years to create a healthier, mobile person that feels and looks good. Heavy exertion isn’t mandatory to burn calories — just get moving. Spring is here so “Spring into Action!”