Imagine getting a dental crown, implant or Invisalign orthodontic straightening without the mess of traditional molds. Well the future is now.

A state-of-the-art digital 3-D scanner can capture pictures of your teeth with precision accuracy. There is no more gagging and no need to have gooey impression molds run down the back of your throat.

The iTero scanner has a variety of advantages over traditional molds. It offers a much more comfortable procedure. You can breathe and swallow naturally and there is no unpleasant taste during the 3-D scan. In addition, it is safe, accurate and fast. The technology does not expose the patient to any radiation because it uses a laser to create the images.

iTero’s cutting-edge technology also eliminates the need to retake molds over and over again. It takes an accurate impression the first time – every time. For patients considering Invisalign orthodontics, the iTero scanner can show you your new and improved smile in less than one minute. Then Invisalign receives the digital scans directly from iTero, which results in a faster delivery time of your orthodontic trays.

iTero is able to create a 3-D model of your teeth and gums for patients in need of dental implants and crowns. You benefit by receiving the most accurate and best-fitting result.      

If you want to leave the goopy, messy molds in the past, look for a dentist that provides this state-of-the-art technology.