Men have many obsessions: fast cars, fine wine, boats and expensive clothing. But Scott Morreau’s obsession is the often hush-hush unmentionables of society: underwear. “To me, underwear is more than just a bland basic,” Morreau says. “It’s as much a fashion statement as a great pair of jeans. Seriously, a guy can never have too many pairs.”

He’s not kidding. Unlike most men who may have a small rotation of “tighty-whities” or Calvin Klein boxers stuffed in a drawer, this Wilton Manors resident has hundreds of pairs in all styles and colors neatly tucked away in their own dedicated dresser. The 42-year-old’s passion for men’s underwear recently sparked him to leave his real estate career to create Unzipped Citizen, a monthly service that delivers members a hand-picked box of designer underwear directly to their doors.

“Men’s underwear has become somewhat of an afterthought. In department stores, they are usually tucked way in the back with little attention to style, comfort, fabric or convenience,” Morreau says. “Most guys don’t have the time or desire to shop for underwear. Plus, the selection is pretty slim. I wanted awesome and unique brands to mix up my wardrobe. Now I curate underwear from all over the world.”

When a member joins, he selects his size and cut preference: trunks, briefs or jocks. If he prefers to be surprised each month, he can select “mix it up,” and the Unzipped team will send a variety of cuts. While Morreau currently offers 15 brands, many of which can’t be found in stores, he’s always adding to his collection as he discovers new designers. His favorites? “If I had to just pick one (or two), it would be Freedom Reigns; and I love 2Eros from Australia. They are constantly coming out with awesome new designs.” 

Of course, I had to ask Morreau the obvious, cliché question: What does he wear – boxers or briefs? “That depends on my mood,” he says with a smile. “But since you asked, today, I’m wearing boxer-briefs.”

Subscriptions start at $14.99 per month. Or, you can shop the online store at