As most Americans are anxiously waiting for the long hot days of summer, savvy travelers are preparing for the upcoming holiday season. If you’ve never been to Aspen, Colorado there is no better time to visit then the Christmas/New Year holiday week.  Aspen, a world–class destination is at its busiest at that time of year and it is necessary to book way in advance.  It is an outdoor adventures paradise with skiing, biking, hiking and a small-town charm that is unrivalled.  A day at the ski resort is like being at a top-designer runway show! According to Lisa Crawford, Founder of SitInMy Seats VIP Tickets, Travel & Concierge Services, it a diamond in the Rockies! 

It’s Christmastime in Aspen and the celebrities are there to celebrate along with the paparazzi who are staking out their prey. Aspen is a place where Cartier jewels line the streets and the visitors have signed a confidentiality agreement not to blab to the press. But if you’re looking for a star-studded way to celebrate the holidays, then a trip to Aspen is a must!  You will find more full-length furs, mink headbands, diamond-encrusted goggles and designer clothing per square foot than any other place in the country during this time of year. Welcome to the world of the rich and famous where the wealthy spray-tanned woman from all over the world know the word “ski” as it applies to après! 

Stretch-limousine Hummers line Main Street so that their passengers can have an enchilada at Pinons or a rib steak at the Chef’s Club in the St. Regis. It is the Louis Vuitton crowd spending the holidays before jetting off to St. Barts for the sun and sand but not before checking out Cee Lo Green perform at the Belly Up.

Head straight from the ski slopes to the shops! Don’t be surprised or star struck if you see Mariah Carey walking on the ice in her stilettos outside of Paradise Bakery with husband Nick Cannon. Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson love shopping at Pitkin County Dry Goods for jeans and don’t miss a trip to high-end fashion stores, including Morgenthal Frederics, which sells luxury eyewear. You will find Antonio Banderas laying down some serious cash at Ralph Lauren and Loro Piano.

So if you have ever dreamed about how the rich and famous live, spend a week in Aspen.  It is a dream come true!  For more information on Aspen or any other travel destination, please contact SitInMySeats VIP Tickets, Travel & Concierge Services at 954-456-0419/ 866-798-7328 or email Lisa Crawford at  You can now also visit Lisa and her team at SitInMySeats at 1263 E Las Olas Blvd., Suite 204 in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.