The Coconut Creek Police Department is proud to announce that we are taking the pledge to make our city a #SaferBy4 Community. The #SaferBy4 initiative is a community program that educates its residents about the risk factors that contribute to child fatalities and how to prevent them. Statistics show that more than 200 child deaths have been reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families in Broward County over the last five years. Almost half of these deaths were a result of drowning or unsafe sleep, and more than three-quarters of the children who died were ages three and under. We’ve learned that deaths from drowning and unsafe sleep are 100 percent preventable. With your help, our goal is to bring the number of these preventable deaths to zero.

In June, our agency will launch our #SaferBy4 campaign by reaching out to our residents through media outlets and community communications. Our message will be delivered by:

Running public service announcements and prevention videos on CreekTV.

 Distributing fliers/catalogs/publications about safe sleep and water safety in all parks and recreation centers.

 Providing information at every public event sponsored by the city, especially those geared toward families.

 Working with neighborhood associations to encourage them to become #SaferBy4 blocks and neighborhoods.

 Presenting rolling messages about the importance of safe sleep practices on electronic signs throughout the city.

 Supporting participation for first responders doing Direct On Scene Education (DOSE) for safe sleep. 

 Hosting local safety activities such as April Pools’ Day (instead of April Fools’ Day) that will include swim lessons.

Our agency will be working alongside city utility workers and firefighters to help deliver the message. They will be trained how to look for unsafe environments, such as unlocked gates or unsafe pools, when they respond to calls. We also want to encourage all Coconut Creek residents to be stakeholders in this campaign by reporting any unsafe environments they see in their neighborhoods to police.

The Coconut Creek Police Department takes pride in providing educational and fun programs to our residents. We encourage you and your family to participate in our #SaferBy4 Community campaign. It’s not only an opportunity to spend quality time with family, friends and neighbors, but it could potentially save a life. 

Our Community Involvement Unit will be hosting special events throughout the year to promote our campaign. Please visit our city’s website, Twitter and Facebook page for prevention-related activities in the future.