Thanks to the youthful and bright face of Bryce Schafer, she is a hero to Park Trails Elementary. And all of this came about from taking a selfie.

HCA Hospitals of Broward County sponsored a “selfie contest” dubbed as #Healthy Selfie with a prize of $5,000 to be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice. The contest asked entrants to submit a selfie of how they keep healthy. After pouring through hundreds of phone pics, HCA Hospitals chose a picture of a nimble gymnast hanging upside down from a gymnastics bar. 

On November 3, Park Trails Elementary PTA was presented a check for $5,000 by HCA Hospitals. Bryce, a first grader at the school and winner of the contest, named Pines Trails as the recipient of the prize to help fund its playground renovation project.

“I’m excited to win and help my school build a new playground,” Bryce says.

Tracy Gaynor, President of Park Trails Elementary PTA says, “All of us at Park Trails Elementary are incredibly grateful to HCA Hospitals of Broward. This donation demonstrates their incredible support of the community.” 

“Not only does Bryce live a healthy lifestyle, but she has a big heart by wanting to help her fellow classmates get a new playground,” says Mark R. Rader, CEO of Northwest Medical Center in Margate.

“It’s exciting to see so many kids living healthy lifestyles and getting involved with their community,” says Joseph D. Melchiode, CEO of University Hospital and Medical Center in Tamarac, referring to the high number of contest entries by students at Park Trails Elementary School. “It’s important that children are educated about healthy eating and exercise at a young age. We’re seeing continued growth of families with young children in our communities and our goal is to help keep them healthy and well.”

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“I’d also like to recognize Bryce Schafer for submitting the winning entry. This is a victory for everyone involved,” Gaynor says.

The healthy selfie will be featured in an ad by the hospitals.