Coconut Creek’s Utilities and Engineering Department is composed of several divisions: Water, Wastewater, Engineering, and Transportation and Stormwater.

The Transportation and Stormwater Division is responsible for maintaining the city-owned roadway and sidewalk system, along with providing stormwater management and maintaining surface water quality. The division is composed of a multifunctional, 10-person team—seven crew members, a lead worker, a supervisor and a division manager, who is a registered Professional Engineer. The staff members are cross-trained with both the water and wastewater divisions so that they can provide assistance during emergencies.

The division also manages traffic concerns and roadway safety. Improvements, such as speed tables, are managed by the city’s Traffic Team, consisting of representatives from the Utilities and Engineering, Sustainable Development, and the police and fire departments. Traffic signals, signage and striping are maintained by Broward County through an agreement with the city. City employees monitor this infrastructure and convey requests for adjustments or repairs to the county. In addition, the Transportation and Stormwater Division actively inspects and repairs city roadways, sidewalks, bridges and guardrails.

The stormwater aspect centers on surface water management and quality with responsibilities to maintain the city’s stormwater system, including catch basins, grass swales, pipes and outfalls. This includes using vacuum trucks to remove leaves, dirt and other material from the system; using TV trucks to inspect underground pipes with video feeds; and completing structural reapairs of damaged infrastructure. The city also encourages all homeowners associations and management companies to maintain privately owned roadway and drainage systems, including removing leaves, to alleviate drainage issues and flooding.

The division also follows federal requirements and permit conditions. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit is a federal requirement, which aims to improve the quality of the country’s waterways, lakes, rivers and canals. This includes enforcing rules about littering and illegal dumping as well as connections to the stormwater system. The division oversees renewal of the yearly NPDES permit and also responds and assists federal audits to ensure compliance.

The Transportation and Stormwater Division strives to provide residents with the best possible customer service, safe roadways and a clean environment. Staff members are in the field every day, maintaining the stormwater system, roadways and sidewalks, and responding to reports and emergencies. If you have an issue to report, or would like information, call the office at 954.973.6786.

All Roads Lead to Creek

The city’s roadways are owned and maintained by different entities, including the city, county, state and private organizations. To determine who owns specific roads and infrastructure (drains, sidewalks, etc.), visit Then click on Roadway Maintenance Responsibilities.