Cypress Bay High School, located in Weston, opened its doors in 2002 and now has over 4,000 students in grades 9 thru 12. Their graduation rate is 98% of which 97% attend college.  The school came to national attention after Vice President Joe Biden gave the 2012 Graduation Commencement Speech. Charles Scott Neely is the principal.

The school offers academic pursuits including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, honors courses, and an array of academic and extracurricular student clubs and organizations. In 2012, the school administered approximately 3500 Advanced Placement exams in 28 different AP courses.  They currently hold the #1 Ranking for the highest Hispanics passing rate for AP exams in the nation.  They achieved an FCAT school grade of “A” for seven of the eight years in which they have been ranked by the state.

In addition to the academic’s, the school offers over 55 different clubs including the largest Best Buddies in the County. Their first Robotics Club competed in the FRC World Championship in St. Louise, Missouri among 700 teams from approximately 30 different countries and won the National Rookie of the year award.  Competing against 16 other teams from across the region, Cypress Bay won the North Central Florida High School Science Bowl, earning the right to compete nationally as well as an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C., where they finished 13th internationally out of 69 teams.

The ROTC program is ranked #1 in Broward County.  The Debate Team is ranked in the top 1% in competitions in Berkley, Emory and Harvard, with six students attending the National Championship in Kentucky.  Cypress Bay’s TV Production won nine national awards in 2012 and Cypress Bay’s Newspaper “The Circuit” has ranked #1 in the state of Florida and #5 in the Nation.

Cypress Bay’s athletic department offers over 35 sports programs, including Water Polo, La Crosse, and Ice Hockey.  Athletic Director Bill Caruso is a firm believer that sports can shape the lives and attitudes of young men and women.  “Participation in sports gives many students the foundation to achieve success, not just in the classroom, but in other areas of life as well,” he said. The Boy’s Soccer Team won two state championships.  

Evaluated among 22,000 public high schools by US News & World Report, Cypress Bay was awarded #1 in Broward County and the top 1% in the nation. 

Their mascot is “Captain Lightning.”  Visit