Allied Kitchen and Bath expands to Oakland Park Culinary Arts District

By Angela Caraway-Carlton

Bill Feinberg is ready to blaze a new culinary trail. Thirty years ago, he and his brother, Joe Feinberg, opened Allied Kitchen and Bath on Oakland Park Boulevard; this month, they’re set to open an impressive second showroom in the emerging Oakland Park Culinary Arts District.

“The place is just really starting to pop,” says Bill, the company’s president. “We’re really a catalyst that’s getting this started.”

With the popular Funky Buddha Brewery putting the Culinary Arts District on the map a few years ago, the Feinbergs saw the area’s potential and bought an entire block on Main Street in 2014. Since then, they’ve worked to revamp a sprawling 20,000-square-foot building, half of which will house their second Allied showroom. The sleek space will feature interactive indoor and outdoor kitchen models, appliances from Monark Premium Appliance Company and plenty of beautiful spots for cooking demonstrations and wine tastings.

The brothers also hope to wow customers with technologically advanced equipment such as multiple flat-screen televisions and a projector system that will continuously display creative design ideas as inspiration for clients. As licensed residential general contractors, the Feinbergs and their staff are experts in all aspects of home design; they plan to hire more employees, including interior and outdoor designers specializing in complete home remodeling.

“We have built our entire business around family values and top-notch service,” says Joe, the company’s vice president. “This new design center will offer our clients more options and ideas, and in nearly double the space we have now.”

Bill, who is a self-proclaimed “foodie,” says he’s still looking for other tenants, such as a unique restaurant or a food market and a wine bar, to fill up the rest of his block. He even has plans to hold culinary and philanthropic events in the street in front his showroom. In May, during Fleet Week, they’ll host what Bill calls “Galley Wars,” where he’ll bring in sailors, close off the block and have local chefs competing for “Best Chef.”

For the Feinbergs, it’s all about adding to the future growth of the district. “Imagine walking down Main Street, going to dinner at night, going in and out of funky shops, and having a destination where people can eat and drink,” Bill says. “The neighborhood is changing, and it’s going to take people like us to come in here and make that change.”

3484 NE 12th Avenue in the Downtown Oakland Park Culinary Arts District
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