In a town where family has always been a core value, it’s no wonder family-owned businesses seem to flourish. Brothers Luigi and Francesco Carvelli, along with cousins Adamo and Francesco Serravalle, are banking on that and diving headfirst into the Coral Springs restaurant scene. 

The Carvelli clan runs the show at four different restaurants from the West Coast to the south, including DaVinci’s and Carvelli’s Pizza & Pasta House on Marco Island, DaVinci’s of Boca and, now, their latest venture, The Feisty Bull in Coral Springs.  

“We decided that this concept is what this area really needs,” co-owner and operator Luigi Carvelli says. “Based on the demographic around here and based on the competition… this is what will rock this city.” 

The restaurant exudes an immediate sense of warmth. The atmosphere, similar to DaVinci’s of Boca, is set with earthy tones, real stone and woodwork accents from the dining tables to the elongated bar. “The most important thing that we want to accomplish is to make our guests feel at home,” Carvelli says. The second most important thing, according to Carvelli, is the family-friendly approach to serving guests. 

Another main focus: shopping locally. “We use the freshest ingredients and get them to point B as soon as possible. That’s very, very important to us,” Carvelli says.

Locally sourced menu ingredients are becoming increasingly popular and The Feisty Bull is no exception. The Carvelli family is known for running “scratch kitchens,” throughout all of their restaurants, where each order is made fresh and never prepared beforehand. “We don’t compromise product quality,” Carvelli says. “We make it, we serve it and our guests enjoy it.”

The menu concentrates heavily on tapas, while at the same time provides larger dishes for less than $20. Carvelli assures that the menu presents twists on typical Mexican fare from main courses to craft beverages. Unique items include Feisty Bowls, Guava Costillas baby back ribs and The Pissed Off Pig taco. 

Naturally, a menu of this caliber goes hand in hand with an abundance of weekly specials, including live entertainment from Thursday to Monday. Salsa Saturdays feature a salsa band along with specialty creations such as strawberry salsa to shock your taste buds. Flamenco Fridays exhibit free performances while brunch on Sunday kicks it up with a live DJ and Mexican bloody marys.

“Some people do cheeseburgers, but we’re going to do a huge bloody mary with a quesadilla and all the fun stuff in it,” general manager Bianca Perez says. 

One of Carvelli’s main goals for The Feisty Bull is to show locals that there’s no need to go to Fort Lauderdale for a winning brunch. “You can stay right here, five minutes away, and have a great time for reasonable prices in a great environment,” Perez says.

The future of The Feisty Bull is limitless for the Carvelli family. Each of the four co-operators has his own niche within the company, to which Carvelli credits their ability to get along and quickly accomplish their goals.

“I am very lucky to have my family around me to support me and see the vision – the big vision,” Carvelli says, referring to expanding to more locations. “We think the concept is extremely exciting and can’t wait to just grow with it.”


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