Can’t afford to make a trip to Greece this summer? Cruise on over to Ethos Greek Bistro in Coconut Creek’s Promenade off Lyons Road. Ethos, which means “character” in Greek, exemplifies Mediterranean cultures through its cuisine. 

Ethos is not your typical Greek restaurant, decked out in blue and white. The décor is a mix of Old World style with a contemporary edge. It has a unique and eclectic feel with white, deconstructed walls, unfinished floors, and simple linen-less tables. You also have the option to sit outside to talk or people-watch, while enjoying a pleasant South Florida evening.

Every good meal starts with a tasty cocktail, and this establishment does more than just embellish on the names to make unique drinks. The Balsamico is a mix of Skyy Vodka, yuzu, strawberries and aged balsamic that is sweet and refreshing with just a kick. The Cirque du Soleil offers a slightly different flavor with yuzu, Skyy Vodka, lime, orange, mint and ginger.

We started off with a plating of three spreads. The feta spread is creamy with a bite of roasted red pepper, while the eggplant spread is made with chopped walnuts and red onions to give a full flavor. Last but not least is the classic hummus, a smooth consistency of mashed garbanzo beans and a sweet taste of tahini and roasted garlic. This triple threat is a good way to prepare your palate for upcoming delights.

Next on the horizon was a taste of something exotic – the octopus. Instead of the small rings that most restaurants serve, Ethos uses larger and thicker tentacles. This gives the dish a much fuller flavor when it is grilled with lemon and olive oil. This only whetted our appetites further as we headed towards our main courses.

Grilled yet tender to the bite, the Kefte is a blend of meats and spices with a tantalizing aroma that stays with you till the last bite. The Shrimp Castella is a succulent feast as well. Each shrimp is fanned open and lightly grilled with peppers, mushrooms, and onions before it is laid on a bed of rice and topped with a healthy heap of feta cheese.

The desserts are deliciously exceptional. The Galakto-fantastico is a signature treat at Ethos. The chef starts with warm custard and wraps it in phyllo dough with a sprinkle of cinnamon. What makes it a decadent descent into dessert dreamland is the thick coating of oh-so-much honey.

The dining experience is reminiscent of an evening on the patio of a Grecian bistro. Whether you just want to stop for dinner, a drink and a small plate, or just for dessert, Ethos Greek Bistro gives a taste of modern Mediterranean cuisine.