A Wynwood bicycle boutique offers Superior options for those who are more invested in the products they pedal

Schindelhauer_Hektor 2017_06The lowdown: As South Florida becomes more bicycle-friendly, the Superior Bike Shop in Wynwood offers a haute alternative to traditional stores. Highlighting performance-enhancing, sleek and modern designs, the bicycles are fit for competitive types as well as those who pedal for pleasure. The boutique is more than just a store. Resembling an art gallery, bicycles are appreciated for their aesthetics and technology while admired as timeless masterpieces.

The details: This first Superior Bike Shop features comfortable, durable and fashion-forward bicycles designed to cruise Miami’s cityscape as well as more rural terrain for experienced cyclists. Inside the 1,500-square-foot space near the center of the city’s arts district, there’s a collection of contemporary bikes, all hand-assembled in Berlin. Each bike in the store is handpicked for its qualities, performance abilities and overall exclusivity. The boutique offers selections from three manufacturers known for producing fast urban rides: Schindelhauer (pictured below), Fabike (pictured left) and 8bar. Many are designed for brisk city biking, using lightweight titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum alloys. The lightweight frames offer easy transportation and often exceed a 12,000-mile lifetime. Both men’s and women’s varieties are available and can be shipped across the United States and Canada.

The price: $2,000 to $7,000

Contact: The Superior Bike Shop, 2105 NW Second Ave., Miami; 305.912.7790; thesuperiorbikeshop.com