Bruce and Jane Levy do a lot of traveling… some with friends… both overseas and around the country. Sometimes they travel to their home in Key Largo where they enjoy boating and fishing… and about three or four times a year, they travel to our nation’s capital to meet with Congressional leaders. They also meet with President Obama and Vice President Biden… at the White House. “We are non-partisan,” Bruce quickly pointed out. It is in Bruce’s capacity as Broward County Chairman of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee – AIPAC, that these meetings take place. AIPAC is a 60+ year old national lobby organization, based in Washington, D.C that is focused on strengthening US Israel relations. “We have been concentrating our efforts on educating members of the U.S congress about the importance of a strong, unbreakable bond between the U.S and its only democratic ally in the Middle East,” Bruce added. With a dual citizenship of the United States and Israel, having served several years in the Israeli Air Force, Bruce meets regularly with members of the U.S Congress in Washington, D.C.. In fact, this past March he led the largest ever AIPAC delegation from Broward County to attend the National Policy Conference in Washington D.C.

Jane Levy is an attorney and is the long-time volunteer President of Jewish Family Services, a non profit social services organization that provides various support services to the needy. “The recipients are of all religious denominations,” Jane said “in fact many of the beneficiaries are non Jews!”

The help is provided by professionals such as Psychologists and Social Workers as well as volunteer lay leaders and include aid to victims of spousal abuse, women shelter, children in need, home help as well as personal food delivery to the elderly.

A Weston Financial advisor, Bruce Levy admits that “… a strong cooperation between the United States and Israel has led to thriving technology, military, security, medical and scientific research results that are benefiting both countries.”

“We support other organizations such as Friends Of Israel Defense Forces, Jewish Federation and Jewish National Fund,”

The couple have been married for 32 years. They have two sons, Jonathan 26, who lives in Miami and is a financial analyst and Michael, 23, who lives in Manhattan and works at Bloomberg Financial. Expanding far beyond the norm, they serve their community, country, Israel and passionately support other noble causes.