You know you’re getting older when your back goes out more than you do!

Actually, back pain is no laughing matter for those who experience it… or other health issues that require physical therapy… like knee replacement, sports injuries, slip-and-fall and orthopedic and neurological ailments. 

“Life can deliver some unexpected twists: accidents, sudden illnesses or emergency surgeries can happen when you least expect them,” Jim Breuler said.  “In the aftermath of such events, your energy is focused on recovery. Trying to find the best available resources for help can be very challenging.” Breuler is the Executive Director at the Life Care Center of Estero, at 3850 Williams Road in Estero. 

While there are many services offered at the Life Care Center, the one that has generated a good deal of excitement is their Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, an innovative machine that uses air pressure to adjust weight, relieving stress on the lower extremities as patients run or walk.

The Life Care Center purchased the treadmill late last year after looking at different in-house treatment options, including a small water tank aquaciser.  It is the latest in cutting edge rehabilitation technology.  Before now, the alternative was going to an outside pool facility for water therapy, which has similar benefits to the Alter G, such as better muscular strength, increase range of motion, coordination and stabilization. “But it’s far more of a hassle,” according to Christy Welch, the Rehabilitation Services Manager at Life Care Center of Estero.

Jim Breuler was recently awarded a divisional President’s Awards at Life Care Centers of America Annual Management Meeting.  The award was presented for distinguished service in the long-term health care management role within the Southeast Division’s 21 facilities in Florida.

Breuler was specifically praised for his evident love for the residents. Under his leadership, the facility achieved a deficiency-free state inspection in nursing care. Customer satisfaction surveys show more than 90 percent of families rating the facility as “excellent” or “good” this year.

“Jim has demonstrated professional skill and compassion in dispatching his responsibilities to the associates, residents and families he serves,” said Beecher Hunter, Life Care president. “He has uniquely demonstrated a leadership style for others to emulate. This distinguished award goes to the heart of our mission.” 

Life Care operates more than 200 skilled nursing homes, assisted living, retirement, home care and Alzheimer’s centers in 28 states – from Boston, Massachusetts to Hilo, Hawaii.

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