Yes, there’s a new face in the column at the front of Life this issue. If you haven’t met me yet, I’m Kevin Gale, the Editor-in-Chief of Life Magazines.

While I’m relatively new to Life, having joined late last year, I’ve lived in South Florida since 1984. Some of you may recognize my name from being editor of the South Florida Business Journal for 15 years, or being business editor at the Sun Sentinel for five years.

Some of you may also know that Gary Press, our chairman, and I worked together for 10 years at the Business Journals. We had a lot of fun being innovative and creative, so it’s great to be reunited with him and the talented team he has assembled here.

Joining Life and its sister Lifestyle publications, has been a fantastic adventure, allowing me to write and edit stories that go far beyond business.

This issue’s feature on art in public places is a great example. Too often many of us whiz by some of these installations with hardly a second glance. Our feature gives some great ideas on how to slow down and appreciate these fantastic works.

Public art is just the tip of the growing arts movement in South Florida. It’s not only important for our personal enjoyment and to create a sense of place, but to create a scene that will help us attract and retain the talented young professionals who will be our leaders in the next generation.

I want to thank you for taking time to read Life. I also want to invite you to play a role in helping Life be a great publication for your community. 















—Kevin Gale