Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Are your New Year’s resolutions looking a little insane? Lose weight… exercise… eat right… no sugar… no carbs… no alcohol… no cheating… YIKES! How can you possibly stay committed to something that feels so limiting? The truth is, you can’t (and you won’t). But lucky for you, I’ve got a plan!

This year, there’s a new trend sweeping the fitness frontier – it’s easier than anything you’ve ever tried before. Can you guess what it is? HAVE FUN! This year, fitness is all about feeling good and having fun.

When the thought of exercise pops into your head, stop dreading the motions and start indulging in the emotions. Ask yourself: How do I want to feel after my workout? Empowered? Conquer your fears during a boot camp class. Centered? Try Kundalini yoga. Energized? Spend an hour at SoulCycle. Adventurous? Rent a kayak and cruise the Intracoastal. Tough? Get in the ring and box it out. Strong? Pick up the weights at your local gym. Alive? Shake your hips and sweat your heart out at your favorite dance class. With group classes exploding in the fitness scene, there’s a class for every emotion you’re after.


When embarking on your fitness journey this year, remember: It’s all about you! Let’s make 2016 your best year yet! Who’s ready? 

Stay committed with these foolproof tips:

Partner up: Commit to meeting a friend at the gym or reserve a space at a group fitness class online. Accountability is guaranteed to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Ask yourself why: What’s the real reason behind your goals? Do you want to lose 20 pounds or do you want to love the skin your in? Choose love!


Ditch the scale: If you’re committed to success and consistent with your habits, skip the scale and measure success by how you feel.
More energy = success.