With the innumerable amount of financial tips and savings strategies available to consumers, it’s rare you come across pawning as a way to deal with burdening expenses. However, one company is revolutionizing the pawning industry by offering their services as more than just a pawn shop, but as an alternative financing solution- and it’s all conveniently online. Pawngo.com is the first full service online pawn shop in the US, specializing in loans of up to $1 million to help individuals, families, and even small businesses get the immediate cash they need.  Pawngo appraises your item, provides shipping, and is able to deposit the loan into your bank account within days of receiving the item.

Launched by Todd Hills in June 2011, Pawngo began after Hills’ 25 years of experience owning and operating more than 50 pawn shops.  When starting Pawngo, his mission was to bring convenience and credibility to the increasingly popular pawning industry. Hills states that, “Traditional lending institutions are simply not able to meet the cash-flow needs of America right now. When the bank says no, individuals seeking immediate funding don’t have a ton of other options. Pawngo gives consumers access to capital without credit checks or financial disclosures.” The growing demand of alternative lending services across the country has allowed Todd Hills to reinvent the industry by expanding the breadth of Pawngo’s product offering and delving into untapped markets.

One of these markets includes their new Luxury Asset Division, which caters to a large portion of their customer base who occupy a higher income bracket than standard pawn shops. Led by GIA Gemologist, Kelle Graham, Pawngo’s Luxury Assets Division is dedicated to providing a more personalized experience for customers who have large scale loans. Graham notes that her high end clientele are always pleasantly surprised when they come across Pawngo, as most were not previously aware they could secure money against items they already own.

One such customer is Linda Wintersteen. Living in a small ski resort town means few places to secure money against high end assets, but after some research, Linda used Pawngo to secure a loan on her Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage. When asked about her experience with Pawngo, Linda states, “I felt comfortable from the moment I started looking at the website and then a chat came on. My Pawngo Rep was so wonderful and supportive. I placed my checking account info on the web and the loan quote came back, just as promised, which was a relief. I filled out the form and then I got an email back saying my account will have the cash in tomorrow.”

High end jewelry, fine watches, diamonds and precious gems are some of the luxury items Graham and her highly-trained team appraise based on several criteria such as current diamond values and market vs. retail value. Pawngo currently holds a $100K diamond ring on loan in their vault.

Pawngo has already loaned nearly $9 million since opening last year, and Hills believes the difference lies in the trust his company has built with their customers. Hills wants to keep his online business personal and even goes so far as to prefer the term “life event” over “transaction.”  With more people than ever struggling in this economy, Pawngo offers a discreet, quick and safe way to pawn luxury items without losing precious heirlooms for good.

If you or someone you know might be interested in speaking with Kelle Graham directly about any luxury items, feel free to contact her directly at Kelle@Pawngo.com or call Pawngo’s direct line at 1-(866)-499-2363.