If you’re interested in writing a book… it’s always a good idea to go to book fairs, workshops and fundraising events like our Library’s annual Literary Feast.  

Parkland resident, Leila Romano went to one about a year ago in Orange County, California.  There, she ran into Kelly Lambrakis.  They had a lot in coming… both mothers of children between the ages of 8-12 and both shared a passion for cooking.

“The proverbial light bulb went off almost simultaneously,” Leila said. “It was rather magical… we both recognized there was a need in the marketplace for a cookbook that targeted this under-served age group,” Kelly added.

Between that ‘light bulb moment’ and today, the two women not only got serious about writing a cookbook, but they have in fact, successfully written and published their first two cookbooks, “Girls Cookin’ Up Fun!” and “Boys Can Cook Too!” They are selling like hot cakes on Amazon.com, receiving high praise from the community and readers all over the country. 

“We found that the majority of children’s cookbooks were very basic in terms of recipes and skill level and better suited for much younger kids. In contrast, many teen and young adult cookbooks were too complicated with obscure recipes. There was a total lack of cookbooks targeting boys,” says Leila.

“My three boys have always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen so I thought it would be fun to give them a cookbook as a Christmas gift one year. During my search I found loads of girlie pink and princess-type cookbooks, but I was astonished to find that there were virtually no cookbooks specifically targeted towards young boys,” says Kelly.

“Although our cookbooks are truly suitable for boys and girls of all ages, they cater to the naturally inquisitive, media-savvy tween who enjoys learning new skills and facts while challenging themselves and working somewhat independently,” says Leila.

“Boys Can Cook Too!” in particular is designed with the ‘typical’ boy in mind, with sports imagery and trivia, puzzles and activities, and inspirational quotes from famous male role models. These combine to make it more ‘cool’ and acceptable for young boys to spend time in the kitchen,” Kelly says.  Perhaps a first, both cookbooks contain Microsoft tags that can be scanned using a smart phone linking readers to entertaining kid-friendly content on the Internet.

Visit www.CookinUpFun.TV to learn more about their cookbooks and their new fundraising program.