We humans have created an awfully stressful existence for ourselves. Every other creature on the planet requires merely basic needs to be content. Give them food, water, sleep, reproduction and they’re fine. So why do we, as the most advanced creatures on earth, make things so hard on ourselves? Though we are blessed with easily the most convenience of any generation in history, considering our smart devices, email, technology, easy transportation and healthy eating options, our generation is quite undeniably the most miserable. How is that possible, and more important, how can we residents of Coconut Creek turn back time and enjoy the simpler times of past generations?   

Obviously, there’s not an easy fix. But I am confident that in today’s world, gratitude can go a long way. We, of course, all want to believe we are grateful, because everyone agrees that being grateful is good for our mental health and our attitudes in general. I merely ask that we all try to take an honest inventory of our gratitude, and then improve upon it. No matter how grateful we believe we are, there are almost always ways to improve, and it is my belief that you will notice those improvements making a difference in your daily mood.

It doesn’t have to be anything time-consuming, costly or complicated. Consider the following as potential ways to feel and express your gratitude. Next time you have a nice server at a restaurant, ask to speak to the manager and express how thankful you are for their service. Text a friend randomly how grateful you are for them being in your life. When you come upon a teacher at school, thank them for spending their career helping children.

Ditto for police officers, firefighters and other public servants. The best part of the gratitude process is, it serves to improve not just your mood, but likely another person’s mood as well.

Equally as important as improving our overall mood and thanking others for their service, friendship or role in your life is appreciating your own blessings. Take as few as two minutes each day, whether by yourself or with a friend or family member, to share several things you’re grateful for (that you have a job, that you have a family, that you’re healthy today, that you have a car, or any number of things we often take for granted).

This is something that few of us routinely do but that takes so little time and has such a positive impact. You’ll notice a difference! Are you with me?