By Mindy Baer Puller

I do love Publix. It’s one of the best supermarket chains in the nation, and we boast some of the newest and biggest stores right here in Weston. Shopping is a pleasure – MOSTLY… But nothing can bring down a great run to the supermarket like the people I refer to as P.A.I.N., which stands for Publix Annoying Irritating Nuisances. 

You know these people.

The chatty neighbors: These are folks who bump into each other in Publix and are thrilled to see each other. They hug! They exclaim! They block the whole aisle! If you are going to have a lengthy session of nostalgia, MOVE OVER. 

The clueless spouse: It’s nice when your significant other offers to do the grocery shopping for you, but please give him (who are we kidding, it is a HIM) a little tutorial about what to expect in a market. The deer-in-headlight stares of petrified husbands can slow me down like nothing else. A little pre-Publix instruction would be helpful.

The family shopping experience: Sometimes you have to bring all the kids, the spouse and even grandma with you on a Publix run. Understandable. But PLEASE do not walk five or six abreast. There is no getting around you, by you, ahead of you or anything. This is really a big problem. Wouldn’t you rather have quality family time at Metro Zoo or something? Break up the line, people. We need to have mobility from aisle to aisle across and back. OK???

And there you have it. See you at Publix!