My father always used to say, “When I was your age, I would walk 5 miles, uphill, in the snow, to get to school.” My father also applied for jobs in person by dropping off a paper résumé while wearing a suit and tie. Times have changed, and they certainly have in the world of recruiting and job hunting.

Gone are the days of printing off hundreds of résumés and dropping them off at every business in town. Today, the vast majority of job openings can be found and applied for online on websites such as CareerBuilder, Monster and Job. Sites such as Indeed pull job postings from a variety of sites, working as an all-in-one source for job hunting.

On social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, organizations advertise their openings and steer applicants directly to their websites. Job seekers aren’t the only ones using social media platforms; recruiters rely heavily on social media platforms as well. The 2015 Work Trends Study from Adecco found that the probability of being contacted by a recruiter increases with the number of social networks a candidate uses. The frequent updates posted on social media make it easier for recruiters to get a preview of an applicant and decide if they are worth interviewing for a position.

As our society becomes more on the go, technology becomes more mobile. This directly translates to how applicants will search and apply for positions. Recruitment websites need to be mobile-friendly to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. Organizations and job boards even have developed apps so the entire process can be done on the move.

Most organizations no longer even accept paper résumés. An online-only application process saves time and money, and helps companies stay organized. With online applications, organizations can store thousands of applications, candidate contact information and supplemental documents with easy access for all involved in the hiring process. Most online application portals offer organizations the ability to have candidates create profiles for ease of applying to multiple positions and can develop custom questions for applicants to answer. Organizations can filter applicants by their answers to questions to speed up the selection process and find the candidate with the perfect set of skills.


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