Usually when one thinks about pasta, Italian spaghetti or even Chinese lo mein come right to the forefront. In the heart of Margate in a plaza off Rock Island is a new concept that will redefine how you look at pasta. From the moment you walk up and spot the glass enclosed area where you can see all the different kinds of pastas being freshly made along with a mural with their unofficial logo of “Globally Inspired,” you definitely get a sense this is not your run-of-the-mill noodle joint. Welcome to Pasta Wow!

This restaurant has taken the concept of made-to-order one step further by only focusing on pasta using the freshest of ingredients. You can custom order your meal by selecting your pasta from nine different cuts (including No Pasta!, a mix of seasonal vegetables for those on low carb diets) and in five different flavors including gluten free. Then select from a dozen sauces, that you can mix-n-match if your heart desires as well. Finally add your choice of protein including chicken, meatballs, shrimp, a seafood toss, tofu or even more crisp seasonal vegetables.

Our group settled on two dishes, the first being a spinach penne with the tomato basil sauce and shrimp. The pasta is firm, but not chewy and the respective flavor of each was very distinct. The tomato basil sauce was enticing as the smell of basil is as easy to discern as the color of the tomato – both a testament to the freshness of their ingredients. 

The second dish was a whole-wheat rigatoni with a stir-fry and sun-dried tomato pesto mix and their homemade meatballs. Again, the pasta is made the way pasta should be. The stir-fry sauce is a rich taste with a touch of sweetness that blends well with the already complex mix of flavor that is the sun-dried pesto. And the meatballs are the right consistency of firmness yet tender to chew.

If you’re looking for something small (or at least smaller as none of their platings are by any means tiny), I suggest you try the fried mac and cheese bites that burst with goodness. 

There is also the monthly special. We had the good fortune of getting a preview of May’s special, the Wow Enchilada. Made with lasagna noodles, cheese and chicken, it has layers of Mexican flavor that make you forget that it is made with pasta at all.

The same can be said of their desserts. You will be completely absorbed in the fresh flavor of the fruity ravioli as you dip it in chocolate sauce or infused syrup – which in our case was a delectable cheesecake. Double-dipping in both sauces at the same time sent me into a food coma.

Do not pass the chance to swing by the new twist on pasta. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable (and help you steer clear of those things you are allergic to). This place definitely puts the “wow” in Pasta Wow! ?