Back in 1991 in Newark, Delaware, a simple and unassuming burger joint called Jake’s Hamburgers opened up. Today, the single restaurant has expanded to a chain of Jake’s Wayback Burgers including a location in Coconut Creek.

The simple interior design gives the feel of a small town burger joint with an air of the early 1960s with old black and white photos adorning the walls and Connie Francis songs playing. Wood tables along with black and silver chairs and stools further emphasize an ambiance of crew cuts and bouffant hairstyles, while Ford Galaxies and Mustangs cruised Main Street America.

This is also where Wayback succeeds with its burgers – by keeping them classic and simple. Handmade patties of ground beef and then double stacked with fresh lettuce, tomato and onion is just the beginning. This establishment is greatly known for its cheesiness – they literally do not skimp on the cheese. 

You can order from a simple Single to one of the many classic or flavors of the month served as double stacked patties. Or just go old school and order it however you want. Service will still be fast since each burger is made fresh and to order. And there is more than just beef with a selection of veggie burgers, turkey, various styles of chicken, plump hot dogs, and even a cod fillet sandwich.

We tried the double bacon cheeseburger and the Rodeo burger. Both are well-cooked and tender morsels of meat on buttered buns for the hungriest carnivore to sink their teeth into. The Rodeo is a great combination with a tangy BBQ sauce that compliments the battered onion rings on the burger itself. Even the plate of fries we ordered are a perfect golden brown and a crisp bite that you can salt or dip to your own taste. From the very first bite to the last, Wayback does not disappoint.

The burgers have all the taste of gourmet burgers done right, but at an affordable price of a true burger joint. Do not miss out on ordering a hand-dipped shake that make the perfect compliment (or dessert if you choose) of a great burger. Or order a beer from the tap or a single serve bottle of wine if you want.

The real treat is for those with an appetite for a lot of meat. Wayback has the Triple Triple, a stack of nine patties with nine slices of cheese and topped with lettuce and tomato. This beast is so big that in Sept. there will be a Triple Triple eating competition, fastest devourer wins.

So if you’re sitting around wishing there was a good burger joint in South Florida, stop complaining and head to Wayback Burger. 


Wayback Burgers

4690 Florida Rt. 7, Coconut Creek