Most people who say “I do” usually do not anticipate their marriage ending in divorce.  Unfortunately, most relationships have problems, and some ultimately break down and end in divorce.  Even in divorce there is choice insomuch as the parties can decide what kind of divorce they want.  Divorces can run the gamut from a lengthy divorce full of anger and animosity, to a relatively smooth straightforward divorce.  Below are helpful tips for making the divorce process a little less difficult, and hopefully more like the latter.

Speak with one another.  Many people are angry and/or sad when a relationship comes to an end, but it is important not to let your emotions control how you react throughout your divorce process.  There is a good chance that you will have to continue to deal with your soon to be former spouse, especially if you have children together.  Remember, it may be possible to maintain a friendship after the dust has settled. 

Understand your new financial reality.  After the divorce, you will need to be practical about your financial future and plan accordingly.  The ability to live within your new means may require that you have to eliminate some of your wants.  You may not be able to enjoy some of the luxuries that you enjoyed in the past on a single income.

Don’t involve the children.  Never involve your children in the divorce, and never speak negatively about the other parent to the children.  Always remember that your child is 50% of you and 50% of you partner.  If you put down your spouse you are ultimately putting down part of your child.  Growing up is hard enough for children, and there is no need to add additional stress to their life. 

Compromise.  Be realistic and be prepared to compromise, if you are interested in an amicable smooth divorce.  While you may want to take everything from your partner or eliminate their contact with your children, no Court will allow this to happen without compelling reasons.  The more willing you are to compromise on some matters, the quicker you and your partner will be able to enter into a fair agreement and preserve your assets and sanity.  

Live for the future and not in the past.  Divorces are usually a very difficult and emotional time for both parties.  You will overcome this obstacle in your life just as you have conquered other life transitions.  The sooner a conclusion is reached in a divorce proceeding, the sooner both of you are free to begin new adventures and leave the past behind.


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