Lovely Lexi 

The only way for me to describe jewelry designer Lexi Segre is lovely, hence the title. She has smiling eyes and an easy, laid-back, kind of energy. Lexi lets nature guide and inspire her creations. Her love of the sun, surf and sand is reflected in all of her designs. She uses the beauty of natural stones and crystal formations, combining them with the calming allure of the sea and the real (fish, sharks, seahorses) and mystical (mermaids) creatures that live in it. The elegance of ancient pieces of Greek and Roman jewelry also inspire her designs, as well as bold and colorful African tribal jewelry. We’re all a part of nature and the song it sings; some of us, however, see and hear it more than others. Lexi is one of those people. In fact, she takes it one step further by creating and designing the beautiful trappings we’re surrounded by everyday in South Florida. 


The Great Escape 

My first few years at Deco were a constant whirlwind of travel. At first, they sent me on assignment around the country, then around the world. No matter where I found myself, though, I always looked forward to making “The Great Escape” back home, back to Miami. Despite my travels, there is no place as magnificent as the Magic City. It’s paradise; which leads me to the ultimate quandary…when you live in some place so perfect, where do you vacation? I love getting in my car and heading south. Destination: The Moorings Village in The Florida Keys. Its beachfront cottages and homes are built under cascading canopies of tropical vegetation to provide guests with the ultimate privacy in their island-style accommodations and while on the beach. It’s a place where the simplest of things can become of great value. You can walk, swim, or just sit on your porch for hours watching nature take her course. Peace and quiet is becoming scarce and The Moorings strives to preserve it. 


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