A Stylish Strength

Sarah Wilson, who loves working out and wants to look good while doing it, combines her two biggest passions (fashion and athletics) for her budding business called “Fashletics.” The brand, which is made up of charm jewelry consisting of barbells, dumbbells, weight plates and kettle bells,

along with spirited workout wear and accessories, is all about empowering and inspiring the men and women who wear it. Wilson’s designs are peppered with positive affirmations. Some of my favorites include: “Struggles Reveal Strength,” “Dig Deep Rise Up,” “Believe In Yourself,” “Weakness Is A Choice,” “Progress Not Perfection,” “Live What You Love” and “I Am What I Have Overcome.” There seems to be something for everyone when it comes to celebrating and motivating the human condition.

America’s Most Fashionable Piglets

When I first met Priscilla and Poppleton, “America’s Most Fashionable Piglets,” I was beyond nervous. You would think after interviewing people like Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie, I would be used to high-profile interviews and fancy photo ops, but I wasn’t – not when it came to these uber-popular and beyond lovable miniature pigs. I met the adorable dynamic duo for the very first time on a Saturday afternoon at the decadent Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine. They were sweet, innocent, curious and beyond stylish!

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