Here in South Florida, we are not prey to the blistering winter cold that other states endure, and we barely notice when winter turns to spring. Nonetheless, spring is around the corner, and it’s time to clean your body, mind and soul.  Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Make a workout plan

Find time for cardio-type exercises 30 minutes a day, six days a week. It’s difficult to find time for yourself, but if you plan it, you’ll do it. Put an alert on your whatever device you use, and get up and move. You’ll see the health benefits in no time.

Partner up

When it comes to fitness, we are likely to find other things to do and let ourselves down; you are less likely to leave a partner hanging and more likely to stick to the fitness plan. Find someone who has similar goals, enjoys the same challenges and is on your schedule. Get together two to three times a week at a time that suits you both.

Don’t forget to stretch

I see so many injuries leading to lost motivation for people who forget to stretch. Dynamic stretching is a great way to get results. Warm up with five to 10 minutes of light cardio, then stretch out your muscles by touching your toes, twisting your body from side-to-side, swinging your legs and doing lunges.

Stay hydrated

Drink about a half-gallon of water a day, before and after exercise, to avoid muscle injury and keep you active. Remember, the more you sweat, the more water you need. Keep a bottle of water by your side throughout the day and fill it as needed.

Do a cleanse

There are many ads for expensive cleanses this time of year, but there are cheaper options that give the same result without breaking the bank.

  • Start your day off with lemon water to help clear toxins.
  • Use sea salt  or  magnesium to help clear your digestive system.
  • Have a cup of green tea or ginger tea to help you focus better. This is a great replacement for coffee in the morning.
  • Use apple cider vinegar to cleanse your skin. Cleanse in a saltwater bath to open pores and get a deep clean.
  • Drink more water and less sugar-based drinks.
  • Add healthy oils (such as coconut, olive and grapeseed) and fats to your diet to improve digestion and increase skin moisture.