The Sign Shop brings City announcements to life

In Coconut Creek, communicating with residents is a team effort between the city’s multiple departments. Helping in that effort is the staff who operate the in-house sign shop, which is part of the community relations division.

Managed by Creative Services Specialist Gregg Oldberg and assisted by technician John Buchter, the sign shop is responsible for the colorful banners that residents see around the city, telling them of local events and special meetings. The duo also maintain city signs—cleaning, repairing or replacing them as needed.

In addition to banners, they produce and assist with decals, fliers, posters, vehicle graphics, laminations and more. Here’s how it works: an employee sends a request to Oldberg, who manages all designs. Some go back to the requester upon completion while larger print jobs are forwarded to Buchter for production on oversized print machines. Some projects can be as small as a 2-by-2 magnet while others can be as large as a 30-by-82 vertical banner—the type seen on the poles along Lyons Road.

“Every opportunity we get to communicate with our residents is helpful,” says Yvonne Lopez, director of the community relations division. “The banner program proves to be an asset for the City. Many residents, through surveys, have indicated that they get their City information by reading the banners on the street.”

Though signs are reused when possible (for example, those that wish residents happy holidays or advertise reoccurring events), Oldberg and Buchter always have plenty of work on their hands. In 2016 alone, they handled 1,500 requests—almost 400 more than the previous year. This year, they are working on outfitting more than 130 decals on vehicles to incorporate the City’s branding, which features Fluffy the butterfly and specially designed lettering.

Take notice during your next drive around the community. If you have any suggestions, contact the Community Relations Division at 954.973.6722.