Is the destination the vacation key factor? Is the accommodation most important? How important does the cost factor impact your decision for vacation? For many, none of these are as important as the “event” or “adventure” once you arrive. There is a market of travel called Specialty Travel, or often Adventure Travel. Specialty Travel can encompass events and special types of travel, where adventure travel will be more about the activities in the destination. 

There are companies who put together amazing packages to events such as the Rose Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Olympics and so much more. For one price, you will enjoy your hotel package, some or all meals, tickets to events and special parties for the travel group and possibly others. Tauck Tours is a great tour company which offers these special event packages in addition to regular escorted tours to worldwide destinations. When you book with a company such as Tauck Tours, you have the comfort of traveling with a well-established company that has the best contacts for putting together the “travel” portion of attending the event. There other companies who put together travel packages around events and if you choose to use one, just make sure they are reputable and make sure you can pay by credit card so your money will be protected.

Another area of Specialty Travel will include River and Canal Barge cruising. There are companies who will charter a complete barge for 6-20 passengers or allow you to join in a departure already scheduled. This is like renting your own floating hotel, and visiting waterways and inlets in France or other cool destinations in Europe. For people who have cruised on large ships, or the increasing popular river cruises, this is a different and exciting way to cruise but a bit more personalized. Yacht charters would be a similar way to travel intimately and visiting destinations that are much more difficult to visit on large ships. There is a company called Variety Cruises which offer great Greek Island itineraries you can join and you can alternatively charter a yacht for just your group.

Adventure Travel includes so many fun and exciting ways to travel and things to do once you arrive. Walking, hiking, biking and more! That is just for starters. Backroads is the best company for those wanting to visit a destination and explore the terrain on a daily basis. You join a group of like-minded people who want to walk, hike, bike or enjoy a combination of them throughout so many different destinations. Backroads offers these amazing trips throughout the U.S. including wine country, Alaska, Hawaii, New England and so much more. Your day may start off in one town, hiking or biking for a few hours stopping for an incredible lunch and perhaps biking the rest of the way until you find yourself in a different town, with your belongings waiting for you! There are family trips, and trips for adults only. There are trips where you can camp or stay in casual inns, and they have “Premiere” inns. For a bit more exotic adventure travel, Backroads offers trips throughout Europe, Asia, Central America and even Africa.

There are trips offered by so many companies to include so many hobbies, such as fishing, photography, wine tasting, cooking, snorkeling, diving, ecotourism, safaris and more. When planning your vacation keep in mind the most important thing is to book with a reputable company, purchase travel insurance and remember it is your vacation so make the most of it and do what you love to enjoy!


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