Looking for some great local burgers and comfort food? Well Coconut Creek residents have a great place right next door in Deerfield Beach called Tucker Duke’s Lunch Box. You might even get lucky and see co-owner and Food Network Chef Brian Cartenuto behind the counter.

Back in 2013, Chef Brian with friends Jay Oakes and John Cortes partnered to open the Deerfield Beach location after Chef Brian’s win on an episode of “Cutthroat Kitchen.” Since then, Chef Brian appeared on a second episode of the show and his dish smoked the competition, making him a two-time winner.

The restaurant, named after Chef Brian’s dog Tucker, is located in a mostly industrial section of Powerline Road. The modern interior dining area has a trendy industrial feel with metal plating and wood panels throughout and a high exposed ceiling. There’s plenty of seating along the S-shaped counter and high-top tables, as well as tables in the front patio.

Tucker Duke’s is not a fast food burger joint. Nothing here is typical, right down to their house-made ketchup and sauces. Burgers are over-the-top and towering and everything is cooked to order, well almost. In good fun, they also have some unusual house rules including a “no whining” policy and warnings on the menu to not even think about requesting a change to their signature Tucker Duke Burger. The food is served on metal trays and the burgers stand so high, they’re skewered with a knife to keep it from falling over. The Tucker Duke Burger is really too big to eat like a regular burger. It’s much easier to eat in layers, of course starting with the large portion of fried onion rings.

Portions here are already huge, but if you’re really, REALLY hungry, then you’ll want to order the biggest burger on their menu, the Tanner & The Unicorn burger. This ¾-pound burger comes with all the toppings of the Tucker Duke and the Mondragon (six bacon slices, fried egg and two cheeses), and then sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Be ready to get lots of attention from other diners as the kitchen brings this monster of a burger to your table.

Make sure to save room for one of their sweet desserts. Tonight’s server recommended her favorite called Papi, which is a churro crawler topped with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream and banana pudding. A very good choice and large enough for two to split. Another favorite is the apple fritters with bacon candy and apple butter called The Buster.

A brunch menu is available weekends until 3 p.m., which include favorites like chicken & waffles, biscuits and gravy.

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