By now, everyone is back up to speed after the Holidays and New Year. It is hard to believe we are already one month into 2015. Good luck to all our High School Seniors as they hear from different Colleges throughout the country. 

I am happy to report that we have officially opened the new “western fire station.” This station is located in the Wedge area, near the Watercrest Community, and will help service the Western portion of the city. This completes our fire station build out in accordance with the expert report we received a few years ago discussing the locations necessary to service the city. The three stations will ensure that response times are sufficient and appropriate throughout the city. We were able to construct this station with the assistance of some of the Wedge developers in accordance with our theory that development pays for development. This project came in early and under budget.   Public Safety is of paramount importance to us as your elected officials and all of us try to do whatever we can to make sure residents have the highest level of public safety.  

We are also continuing to see the local real estate market push forward. Sales of homes in Parkland are brisk and new construction is moving forward with some new developments coming online. We are continuing to actively monitor and demand that the building out there is in line with Parkland’s high standards. As I meet and talk with new residents, they tell me that the things that attract them to Parkland are our great parks and open spaces, highly rated schools and the overall sense of community throughout the city. I encourage people to frequently check our city website for different listing of events. 

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