There are a few luxuries in this world that are traditionally the domain of the super rich:  private jets, exotic vacation destinations, mega yachts and chauffeured driven vehicles. Nobody has quite figured out how to bring down the costs of private jets, yachts and exotic travel for the masses but having a Personal Driver to drive you in your own vehicle is now not only affordable but highly practical; enter RedCap   

RedCap is easily defined through its slogan; “Everyone’s Personal Driver.”  It is a membership-based, premium, personal driving service for people who value safety, convenience and privacy at an affordable price. Once a member, you have access to a large pool of drivers who have been vetted through a rigorous screening process who can drive you in your own clean, comfortable and safe vehicle.   It’s a superior alternative to a smelly cab or an expensive, beat-up Town Car.

There are three categories of membership; Standard, VIP and Elite.  You can access drivers for as little as $20 per hour which includes a basic gratuity.  For roundtrip rides the rate is traditionally one-quarter of the cost of traditional car services.  As compared to taxis, you can use RedCap one way for a 40 minute trip for approximately $75 versus a one way taxi ride of that length that could easily surpass $100 and leave you without your vehicle.

Utilizing RedCap is simple and seamless.  Once you choose your level of membership via the online application you are ready to take full advantage of everything RedCap has to offer. Trips to and from the airport, undergoing a minor medical procedure that would require a family member or friend to waste half a day waiting for you are just the begining.  What about taking children to an after school activity while a parent is stuck in a meeting? Servicing your vehicle; who wants to waste time in an auto dealership waiting room when you can utilize RedCap? RedCap is also an outstanding solution for seniors who no longer drive or have driving restrictions but still own or have access to a vehicle. 

Of course, there are those times when individuals should never get behind the wheel.  Sure, someone can call a cab but then you have to arrange to get your vehicle home from the departing destination. Then again, we get back to that whole smelly cab situation.

Of course, the whole drinking and driving issue is the proverbial elephant in the living room and a critical issue in South Florida. According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) survey to assess status and trends regarding the public’s attitudes, knowledge, and self-reported behavior related to drinking and driving there are more than 85 million drunk driving trips per year.

With South Florida having 2 percent of the nation’s population that translates to approximately 1.7 million drunk driving trips annually in S Florida.  Because this is a party destination with more than its fair share of alcohol consumption, it is likely much greater than 2%.   At this number, there are approximately 5,000 drunk drivers on our roads in South Florida each day.  Given that most of the activity is centered on Thursday through Saturday night, the 35,000 trips per week likely are spread unevenly across the three day pre and weekend nights.  There are likely 8,000 drunk drivers on the road on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) prior to getting their first DUI, the average person would have driven intoxicated more than 80 times, a number authorities believed to be woefully underestimated.

These are staggering statistics! Clearly, RedCap provides an alternative for anyone becoming one of those statistics.

So we get back to the question, “why drive your own car?” Certainly we all want the freedom to hop into our vehicle and drive to a desired destination. But haven’t you passed a chauffeured driven vehicle and said to yourself “that would be nice once in a while.”  Well, that once in a while is now and affordable.  RedCap “Everyone’s Personal Driver” it’s that simple!  Start enjoying your time in South Florida a bit more without the worry of traffic, bad drivers, parking, and the associated stress.

David Zwick is Founder and CEO of Ft. Lauderdale-based RedCap.  The Company currently provides service to Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.  To learn more visit