Coconut Creek Chamber of Commerce


Like many businesses these days, the Coconut Creek Chamber of Commerce is seeking to reinvigorate itself. New strategies and city-endorsed events seek to foster networking that will spur business growth and raise members’ profiles in the community.

Leading the charge is Chairman Bo Landy, who brings the know-how and experience from being CEO and founder of Landy Marketing, which provides services ranging from graphic design and direct mail to creating trade show displays and building e-commerce websites.

Landy, who has been on the board since 2007, says, “We want to be creative and do different types of events – bring some new energy and some new wind into the sails.”

The all-volunteer chamber has about 75 members. A key part of the strategy is helping business leaders get to know each other
and build the trust that leads to referrals if they do good work.

“If they don’t do good work, word will spread as well,” Landy says.

The chamber is now varying the time of its gatherings instead of just having events at noon on Thursdays. There are breakfast events and the city helped support the movement by hosting an evening networking event in city hall.

In the past, the chamber sometimes seemed isolated from city government.
 “What’s good for the chamber is good for the city and vice versa,” says Landy.

Mayor Becky Tooley emphasized the importance of that win/win collaboration during a short talk at the networking event, which drew a host of city commissioners and departmental leaders.

Landy plans to help members by providing information on the best business practices, such as promotional activities and customer service training. Exhibitions could provide a way for members to highlight their products and services.

Landy also envisions more family-oriented events, such as a family fun day.

“People will tend to do business with people they know, trust and like,” he says. “What better way to get to know people when they are surrounded by their family.”

Visit for event information, a list of members and information on membership prices.

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