Artist Donation Brightens Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Jozza, a world-renowned pop artist, donated two pieces of art to enhance the institution

Caitlin Stella, CEO of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and Jozza, World-Renowned Pop Artist

Knowing the critical role the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital (JDCH) plays in helping patients heal and recover from life-threatening illnesses, Jozza, a global pop artist, used his time and talent to bring more joy and artistic flavor to the hospital’s staff and visitors.

Hoping to raise awareness and funds for the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation, Jozza, whose daughter had heart surgery at JDCH in 2010, crafted two original pieces of art – “Catch the Love” and “The Daisy” to hang on the hospital’s walls to enhance the hospital’s Art Therapy program.

Along with Jozza’s donated pieces, Kip Hunter-Epstein and her husband, Joey Epstein, also presented a third Jozza painting to hang on the wall outside the Surgical Unit on the 2nd Floor. To raise money for the children’s hospital, Jozza will be hosting a virtual auction with proceeds benefiting the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation and its “Catch the Love” capital campaign.

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