Gary Press, Chairman, Lifestyle Media Group

Gary directs the largest and fastest-growing magazine publishing business in South Florida with 13 monthly publications and a combined readership approaching 1 million. Gary launched South Florida Business & Wealth magazine in 2014, attracting over 117,000 C-Suite readers into LMG’s portfolio that extends into the tri-county region. In 2018, Lifestyle Media Group launched Tampa Bay Business & Wealth, as well as Good Press, which celebrates the philanthropic scene in south Palm Beach and Broward counties. In addition to publishing, Gary also owns Alternative Revenue Solutions, a company designed to increase market share for its clients.








Kevin Kaminski, Group Editor, Lifestyle magazines

Kevin joined Lifestyle in March 2016 after a 10-year run as editor of Boca Raton magazine. The publications with which Kevin has been involved have earned the coveted first-place “Best Overall Magazine” honor from the Florida Magazine Association seven times since 2008—including “Best Overall” recognition in 2018 for Las Olas Lifestyle, one of 10 first-place FMA awards earned by that publication. Prior to his magazine work, which included three years as editor at Palm Beach Illustrated, Kevin spent more than a decade as an award-winning sports writer; he guided the editorial direction of two national sports publications—Football News and Basketball Weekly—during that period. Kevin also served as president of the Florida Magazine Association from 2011 to 2014.






Melanie Geronemus Smit, Creative Director, Lifestyle Media Group

Melanie is an award-winning creative director at Lifestyle Media Group, where she designs and produces 12 magazines per month. The native Floridian has spent more than 24 years in the creative field, the past seven with Lifestyle Media Group. Melanie takes projects from conception through completion and works with clients from businesses of all types and develops strategies for creating high-impact visual experiences. Prior to employment at Lifestyle Media Group, Melanie worked for Harris Drury and Cohen, J. Walter Thompson, and the South Florida Business Journal.









The Lifestyle Team


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