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Guy Harvey and FPL Team Up on Ocean Education

The partnership advances GHOF’s interest in developing marine science curriculum for Florida schools

To help further marine science education at Florida schools, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) recently formed a partnership with Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) to enhance GHOF’s marine science-based curriculum being taught around the state.

The curriculum, developed by GHOF, uses the latest marine research to explore how science, math and technology can be used to protect Florida’s aquatic habitats. The two organizations will now work closely together to expand educational opportunities for Florida students while advocating for the protection of Florida’s coastlines and waterways.

“We are thrilled to welcome one of Florida’s most prominent and largest companies as a partner,” says conservationist and artist Dr. Guy Harvey. “FPL’s investment in cutting-edge technology, clean energy, local citizens and communities mirrors the GHOF philosophy to help make a difference and move Florida toward a more sustainable future. Not only does FPL share our values in preserving the environment and enhancing education, but we both also care about protecting and preserving the state’s most valuable wildlife species.”

One of the most vulnerable creatures in Florida’s waterways is the manatee, which relies on warm water from Florida power plants during periods of cold weather. To help educate the public on this vulnerable species, FPL built “Manatee Lagoon—An FPL Eco-Discovery Center” at its Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center.

“Investing in education and inspiring the next generation to be environmental stewards is part of our commitment to working with the communities we serve to help make them better places to live, work and raise a family,” says Pam Rauch, vice president of external affairs and economic development at FPL. “We are excited to champion the protection of Florida’s wildlife alongside the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to make a difference in our communities and to move Florida forward.”

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