Carolyn Zaumeyer

The Power of the Pellet??

Carolyn Zaumeyer

Nurse Practitioner

LowTE Florida

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Have you heard about hormone pellet therapy? It seems to be too good to be true!

How can a tiny little pellet of just compacted hormones made from wild yams, inserted under your skin be so life changing? Hormones are chemicals that we naturally produce that regulate hundreds of functions in your body. As time goes on and our production naturally declines, we don’t feel as good as we used to and it is hard to put your finger on just why you don’t feel so good.

Many times, optimizing hormones can increase energy for both men and women. For many people, hormone optimization can lead to a nice delicious sleep, clearer thinking, better mood, better relationships, less anxiety and depression. A simple blood test can prove that you just are simply not producing the amount of hormones as you did a few years back.

Hormone levels can begin to decline in women as early as in their late twenties and men’s testosterone can start to decline in their early thirties.

So why use Bio-Identical Hormones? Because they allow your body to feel and function as it did maybe 10-15 years ago. Restoring your youthful hormone balance is paramount to feeling and looking your best.

Research has shown that optimizing your hormones with Bio-Identical Hormone pellet therapy is protective to the heart, bones, breasts, brain and relationships!

Hormone replacement therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately. Many practitioners go to a week-end course and add BHRT to their practice – without the in- depth knowledge and passion of hormone expert Carolyn Zaumeyer.

At LowTE Florida® we provide individualized treatment based on your biochemistry and your medical history using the proven BioTE® method – grounded in science, not guesswork. For more information, go to: or call 954-791-4498.

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