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A Good Night’s Sleep…

Carolyn Zaumeyer

Nurse Practitioner

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When was the last time you were able to say that you got a good night’s Sleep? I hope it was today.

However, if that deep, delicious, restorative sleep eludes you ~ We may have the solution for you. We all know that without a good night’s sleep, it is impossible to have a wonderful, happy and productive day.

Many of my new patients tell me before treatment that they can’t sleep more than 4 hours and when they do sleep – they don’t wake rested. It is very frustrating and exhausting. Definition of insomnia: Difficulty falling asleep, waking in the early morning hours, lack of dreaming, inability to go back to sleep, and/or non-refreshing sleep.

If your insomnia began after age 38, you probably have testosterone related insomnia. Men’s testosterone levels can begin to decline in their early thirties, women’s testosterone can begin declining their late twenties! Along with insomnia you may notice night sweats, low libido, brain fog, low energy, mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

Do you have insomnia due to a hormone deficit? Both men and women may notice “night sweats” when their testosterone levels drop. Some even waking to soaked bedclothes.

Optimizing your hormones, thyroid and nutrients may be just what you need to be the rock-star sleeper you know deep down inside you are! Come in for a simple blood test and let’s talk!

With over 80 years of research behind us – Bio Identical Hormone Pellets have been proven to be safe and effective in optimizing hormones! Personalizing the dose for you is critical for your success. And that is what I do.

At LowTE Florida® we provide individualized treatment based on your biochemistry and your medical history. Our treatments are grounded in science, not guesswork. For more information, go to: LowTEFlorida.com or call 954-791-4498.

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