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Break a Leg!

Carolyn Zaumeyer

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Break a leg!

Growing up with a mother in theater, I heard “Break a leg” many times, meaning “good luck!” – but there is nothing good about broken bones. Around 10 million people have osteoporosis with another 34 million at risk. For both men and women, bone density decreases as we age, weakening our bones. There are some things we can do to counteract bone loss and increase bone mass. Eating fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in calcium may help. Weight bearing exercise – walking or running may help promote healthy bones. However, testosterone is the bone builder…

Testosterone, estrogen and thyroid are necessary for proper bone remodeling so that your risk of fracture is greatly reduced. Vitamin A, D3 and K2 optimization is also imperative.

With proper hormone balance, bones remodel year after year. Testosterone actually helps rebuild bone – so those with osteoporosis or osteopenia can actually improve their bone density with testosterone treatment – naturally! Without any of those horrible drugs!

The consistent delivery system of BioTE Medical’s bioidentical hormone pellet therapy has proven that bone mass can build up to 8.3% per year.

So why use Bio-Identical Hormones? Because they allow your body to feel and function as it did maybe 10-15 years ago. Restoring good health isn’t just about looking good on the outside. It includes health and well-being right down to the bone.

Hormone replacement therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately. Many practitioners go to a week-end course and add BHRT to their practice – without the in-depth knowledge and passion of Carolyn Zaumeyer.

At LowTE Florida® we provide individualized treatment based on your biochemistry and your medical history using the proven BioTE® method – grounded in science, not guesswork. For more information, go to: or call 954-791-4498.

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