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Can Hormones Help the Heart Grow Stronger?

Carolyn Zaumeyer, Nurse Practitioner

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Many people find that once their hormones have been optimized, they feel more loving. Moods lighten, energy is up, you just feel more like your own self. I have had many patients say that they like themselves better and their partner likes them better.

The hypothalamus of the brain plays a big role in this, stimulating the production of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen from the testes and ovaries. However, Testosterone levels can begin to decline in women as early as in their late twenties and men’s testosterone can start to decline in their early thirties.

While these chemicals are often stereotyped as being “male” and “female,” respectively, both play a role in men and women. As it turns out, testosterone increases libido in just about everyone. The effects are less pronounced with estrogen, but some women report being more sexually motivated around the time they ovulate, when estrogen levels are highest.

So… If everything is good in your relationship, but you just don’t have romantic feelings, optimizing your hormones with Bio-Identical Hormone pellet therapy may just be the answer!

So why use Bio-Identical Hormones? Because they allow your body to feel and function as it did maybe 10-15 years ago. Restoring your youthful hormone balance is paramount to feeling and looking your best.

To quote Suzanne Somers “If more people had their hormones optimized, we would have less war, less divorce and people would be kinder to each other!”

Research has shown that optimizing your hormones with Bio-Identical Hormone pellet therapy is protective to the heart, bones, breasts, brain and relationships!

At LowTE Florida® we provide individualized treatment based on your biochemistry and your medical history using the proven BioTE® method – grounded in science, not guesswork. For more information, go to: or call 954-791-4498.

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