Candid Cameras

ArtServe presents an ode to local photographers in its current exhibition

Photo lovers have an opportunity through Aug. 21 to see the world through the lenses of some of South Florida’s most creative artists thanks to an inspired exhibit presented by ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale. The nonprofit and award-winning arts incubator turned to filmographers M. Denise Simmons and Tabatha Mudra to jury the selection of local photographers featured in “Superficial Impressions.”

The media in the exhibit, all contemporary-themed images (including video, or photos from a mobile device), cut across a variety of categories—architecture, landscape, wildlife, travel, portraits and more. “In the era of the selfie and the infinite social media scroll, [we searched] for photographs born out of creative passion and sensitivity,” explains ArtServe curator Sophie Bonet, “the result of a need to express one’s feelings through the image; the creator’s unique view of one’s surrounding reality.”

The artists in the current exhibit will have an opportunity to develop a solo exhibition for ArtServe’s 2022-23 season.

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