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THE BREATHTAKING GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, are a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It’s considered one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing. A province of Ecuador, it lies about 1,000km off its coast. Its isolated terrain shelters a diversity of plant and animal species, many found nowhere else in the world. Charles Darwin visited in 1835, and his observation of Galápagos’ species later inspired his theory of evolution.

Ken Heit is one of the world’s top selling travel advisors and offers discounted sailings to the Galapagos Island onboard the brand new Celebrity Cruises Flora! This vessel is the first ship of its kind, designed specifically with the Galapagos Islands in mind. Celebrity Cruises Flora has luxurious all-suites accommodations that incorporate sustainable natural materials that complement the destination, and unique positioning systems that enables the ship to stay on station without the use of anchors to protect the sea. The ship is all-inclusive including air flights (from Quito), transfers, land tours, pre and post hotels, and of course great food and beverages. We have a limited time exclusive offer that will provide you with added savings.

Luxury Cruise and Tour provides Expert Experience, Knowledge, Service and Accessibility! This comes with over 30 years of cruise and destination experience. Ken Heit, Owner has personally traveled the world including the Galapagos Islands. We can SAVE you MONEY and add AMENITIES on any Celebrity cruise or cruise tour.

Yes, you can book directly, but in doing so you are NOT necessarily at the best possible price or added value that only we can provide. Quite often we have GROUP rates with added discounts and shipboard spending credits!

As travel professionals, we can tell you about the Galapagos Islands and other cruise and travel opportunities. Luxury Cruise and Tour can expertly fulfill your travel dreams with savings beyond what you would expect on all Celebrity Cruises.

Book NOW! We SAVE and We SHARE with you!

If you are considering a cruise or tour, call now for a free consultation or quote Toll Free 1.800.283.6997

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