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Olga A. Nuñez

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Every home buying process is different but the subject of title insurance will always come up. Before purchasing you should always do some research, but you must purchase title to make sure all your bases are covered. A comprehensive title search can help you determine if there are any issues connected to your property, because every property has a history and you need to be aware of it. Title insurance gives you protection from any problems that may come to light after the purchase of property is complete. My specialty is handling even the most complicated title.

Some common title issues, but not all are- Undiscovered liens. Not everybody keeps detailed records and there are plenty who don’t pay their bills on time, if that. That debt wouldn’t be yours but did you know hat banks or other financial institutions could place liens on your property for any unpaid debt – even after the sale is complete? Don’t let that happen to you. Another complicated issue is- Public record mistakes. The last thing you want to discover is that clerical errors or filing can cause issues with the deed or survey of the property. This can also result in you having to pay whatever amount is necessary to fix the situation. Missing heirs- many people name relatives or friends as heirs so that the property they own might go to them in the event of their death. Sometimes, those heirs are difficult to find or family members might contest the will in an attempt to take ownership themselves. This happens a lot and this can happen years after you purchase the property and could affect your right to ownership. Believe it or not, there are those who have no issues at all with forging documents regarding property and its ownership. If a forgery occurs it can jeopardize your rights to the property.

You can count on World Trust Title any time of day even after hours and be assured there will be someone to address any and all of your concerns.

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