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Linzi Martinez

Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapist

Host/Executive Producer HHS makeover TV series

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Most people don’t have a basis of comparison for feeling incredible, they are simply satisfied with not feeling badly! Guess what? We can do better than just not feeling badly, MUCH BETTER! Don’t settle!!!

You see, we often Judge or measure health by what someone looks like and thus really work hard on our outsides; concentrating on just aesthetics, sometimes at the costs of our health!

So what do we need to do?

If you were taking care of a plant, you would probably water it, mist it, wipe the leaves down and perhaps even talk to it, right? Your plant will grow, it will stay alive and you may even get a piece of fruit to enjoy here and there! But if you ask a horticulturalist to take care of the plant, someone who is educated on taking care of plants, they are not going to be concerned with the outside – they are going to FEED THE SOIL and give the plant all the vitamins and minerals it needs! The plant will be incredibly BEAUTIFUL, insanely LUSH and bare a TON of fruit!!!!

We too can do this!!! You have the POWER! We need to feed ourselves the right foods; whole foods, organics, unprocessed, along with vitamins and minerals so we too can THRIVE and be BEAUTIFUL from the inside out!!! And bare a ton of fruit as our ENERGY, VITALITY, LONGEVITY, HAPPINESS, and so much more!!!

Let’s no longer settle for mediocre, let’s not just survive…LETS THRIVE AND BE RIDICULOUSLY ALIVE!

It really is that easy!

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