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While men and woman are affected equally by this loss of collagen, women seem to be more aware of this aging process and this could be exacerbated by the loss of estrogen.
In our society, an ‘aging’ face seems to be more acceptable in men than women. For example, the older male actors, such as Robert Redford, have wrinkles around their eyes and most observers would say these add to their rugged good looks. For women, however, that which is considered attractive does not include wrinkles.
In my practice, I have noticed more and more men seeking out these non-surgical, dermal fillers because it has become more acceptable to get these cosmetic enhancements. Older men are competing in the marketplace with younger men and these processes help to create a more youthful appearance and a competitive edge.
Starting at about age 35, we lose about one to two percent of the collagen found beneath our skin each year. Collagen and ‘Hyaluronic acid’ create that plump, ‘lifted’ and hydrated look under the skin. Unfortunately, as we lose these substances, our skin doesn’t tighten up as much as it did earlier, but rather it gets more lose, and this becomes obvious when we smile or raise our eyebrows. The loss of collagen and Hyaluronic acid causes wrinkles, sagging skin around the nose and mouth, droopy jowls and a droopy brow line.
Are you ready to have to look as young as you feel?
If you’re considering facial injections, be sure to schedule a consultation with Rachael Storm, NP. She is board-certified Nurse Practitioner and aesthetics expert who offers patients high-quality aesthetic facial treatment services. Connect with Rachael Storm today at LowTE Florida, Fort Lauderdale.

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