Linzi Martinez

From Dreaming to Reality!

Linzi Martinez

CEO, Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapist

Host/Executive Producer of the award winning HHS Makeover TV Series

FB: Happy Healthy Stronger

IG: Linzimartinez


2020 threw us into our homes and demanded we reconnect, and for many of us, reinvent.

Through all the darkness, here is another silver lining – a golden nugget, and yumminess amid the yuck!

Finding your purpose for being here, that special thing that makes YOU who YOU are … that something that you are so passionate about that you would do for free because it makes you feel incredible… could be one of the best gifts you could EVER give yourself.

I have watched my friends and community members create new careers out of their hobbies, businesses out of their favorite cooking recipes, courses for purchase from their talent and experience, house calls from their once commercial businesses, and even made a business out of their once thought silly inventions! Maybe you make a mean pie! Or perhaps you are an amazing storyteller, and you write a book! The possibilities are endless!

With all the craziness of life, we have all been forced to slow down and only now do you have the time to give that dream of yours a real fighting chance!

I invite you to explore what makes you feel ridiculously alive and incredibly happy and share it with your community! Perhaps a simple social media post – more often than not, you will be amazed by what happens when passion meets the needs and desires of the consumer!

Share your love and happiness for whatever it is ….it’s contagious. You just may find a totally new career that will change your life forever!

There is no reason to not try, there is only winning and learning, no losing! Can you imagine waking up everyday and loving what you do to earning a living? Honestly, it is beautiful, just beautiful.

With so much love for you,

Linzi Maritnez

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