Fuzz is for Peaches – Not for Faces!

Rachael Storm

Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetics Expert

LowTE Florida

4540 N. Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308




Derma-planing is a straightforward and safe technique for shedding the top layer of skin and freeing the skin of fine vellus hair “peach fuzz”. The treatment has been utilized for a many year, yet numerous people don’t even know that it is available.

Derma-planing is a quick office procedure with few to no adverse side-effects and is now available at LowTE Florida. Utilizing a scalpel and a delicate touch, I essentially rub the skin’s surface utilizing light feathering strokes.

This is an incredible treatment to offer to people who are not wanting to utilize peeling agents on their skin considering the danger that the chemicals will be absorbed into the circulatory system. It is a great option for patients who have an overabundance of vellus hair on the skin. These hairs frequently cause a development of dirt and oils in the follicles, so removing the hair gives the patient a healthy look to their skin.

Derma-planing is regularly utilized on patients with dry skin, shallow hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, or deep wrinkles. The treatment results in a more refined, smooth, “glowing” skin surface. After the treatment you must use sunblock to protect your new glowing skin! While not done on the same day, while you are here, I can help you create a plan to look your best utilizing Botox, Dysport and fillers.

Are you ready to get rid of the fuzz and get a fresh healthy glow?

If you’re considering aesthetic services, be sure to schedule a consultation with Rachael Storm. She is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and aesthetics expert who offers patients high-quality aesthetic facial treatment services. Consultation is KEY, and she will discuss how her treatments and others will work best for keeping your hands, face and neck healthy and rejuvenated. Connect with Rachael Storm today at LowTE Florida.

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