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Get the D…It could change your life!

Linzi Martinez

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I would never have believed that I, being as dark skinned as I am, outside training daily for hours, would be super low in vitamin D! I was so tired, a bit anxious and achy, and went to see my doctor… and I was shocked! In fact, the darker your skin, the more you weigh, and the older you are – the more likely you are to be deficient! Crazy, right?

Vitamin D is crucial for your health; in fact it is responsible for the maintenance of your skeletal system because it helps calcium absorb into your bones, preventing osteoporosis. It helps boost your immune system by warding off viruses and bacteria, helps with high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and it’s been said that it may help with certain cancers like prostate, colon and breast cancer!

There are some key signs of the deficiency like deep bone pain, out of the ordinary exhaustion, long lasting muscle pain, hair loss, depression and anxiety. But don’t be alarmed, it is an easy fix!!!!!

First and foremost, go to your doctor and find out where you are at… don’t guess! D is a fat-soluble vitamin and thus it gets stored in your fat so although toxicity is rare, it’s best to find out exactly what you, particularly need!

And of course, eat your way to good health! Sources from food are key! Fatty fish like salmon, herring, sardines and cod are amazing sources, milk, egg yolks, mushrooms and oysters are also great! But the BEST source comes from THE SUN! Your body is AMAZING! When you give it direct sunlight your body combines cholesterol and the ultraviolet rays to synthesize vitamin D! Yes, your body makes its own! Just 10 – 15 minutes in the sunshine every other day and then lather up the sunscreen and protect your skin!

Life is beautiful, you should not have to suffer from things that you can control, and this is an easy one! Get your D checked ASAP, it could change everything!!!

Linzi Martinez

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