How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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Relationships ebb and flow over time. Sometimes you may feel close and other times, you may feel distant or disconnected. This is especially true during life transitions like having a baby, launching kids out of the nest, or caring for an aging parent.

According to research, couples with the most relational satisfaction throughout their lifespan are those who maintain a positive regard, deep friendship, and support each other’s hopes for the future. If you want to strengthen your relationship, follow these tips:

1) Maintain a Positive Perspective. Your outlook directly influences how you experience your relationship. When going through a rough patch, it’s easy to minimize or ignore positive things that happen, which builds resentment over time. Shift your focus toward what your partner is doing instead of what they aren’t. Tell them how much you appreciate them.

2) Deepen Your Friendship. Strong friendships are the foundation for trust, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction in relationships. To deepen your friendship, spend quality time together, ask open ended questions, share meaningful stories, and have fun creating new memories!

3) Invest in Your Relationship’s Emotional Bank Account. Each time you offer support, kindness, affection, or engage in a meaningful conversation, you’re building up a reserve. This savings account represents trust and security, which helps you stay connected and weather the storm when conflict arises.

4) Manage Conflict Effectively. Constructive conflict is actually healthy, because it helps both partners feel heard, understood, and loved. To avoid destructive conflict, don’t criticize your partner, take responsibility for your part, and give yourself time to calm down before discussing problems.

If you’ve put your relationship on the back burner and need help reconnecting, contact Dr. Kate and the team of clinicians at Bayview Therapy specializing in counseling for individuals and couples. Call today for your complimentary consultation!

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